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Inside Out with Client Advisor, Ben Sim.

Updated: Apr 18

“To be ignorant is not so much a shame as being unwilling to learn” – Benjamin Franklin.

Travelling the road less taken and leaving no stone unturned, Spire Group’s Ben Sim (RNF no: SSL300264840) goes well beyond the status quo defined by the corporate world’s expectations of financial advisors. Personifying the likes of realistic yet innovative people around the world like Warren Buffett, Ben is an individual who has managed to be defined on principles and expectations set aside by himself. A staunch believer in constant learning and improvement, his take on life is to never be “the frog in the well” (translated from the Mandarin idiom, 井底之蛙); to not be narrow minded and instead, always keep adapting and learning about the constant changes taking place around the world.

Having been a professional financial advisor for over eight years and a member of the corporate landscape even further, Ben’s financial expertise originates from a deep-seated passion to serve and educate. Upon graduating from the University of London with a degree in Economics and Management, Ben realised early in his career that he held a vested interest in the financial industry. However, it was not until four years later, after his friend at the time introduced him to Banking at UOB, that he decided to explore the financial services industry. After a brief stint there, succeeded by four years in Manulife, Ben realised his career expectations lay elsewhere. He then successfully joined Spire in its infancy in 2018 and has risen consistently since then to become one of the cornerstone members of the agency.

Q: What are some personal values you hold close to yourself?

A: With my experience working thus far, I have been exposed to situations where I am planning the finances for people who originate from all walks of life. This has taught me the importance of adaptability and constantly equipping myself with newfound knowledge for myself and my clients. I also believe in the importance of genuineness and maintaining the need to only advise what I truly believe is the best for my client’s current and future disposition.

Q: In your career, what is the single most difficult task which makes accomplishing your work to be challenging?

A: I have faced countless setbacks throughout my career with differing challenges arising in different instances. The most common and by far the most difficult would be successfully advocating the need for proper financial planning to clients that have not been exposed to the concept prior. However, I believe that there is a profound and immeasurable satisfaction when I can help them get past their initial hesitation and begin trusting me to assist them in their future. This is, certainly, the biggest daily driver for me to constantly keep improving and giving my best for my clients.

Q: What are some characteristics that you believe Spire excels in personifying?

A: I prioritise workplace environment and management leadership as some of the more crucial factors when deciding where I want to work. Fortunately, and to Spire Group’s immense credit, I have been able to take part and assist in cultivating an environment that is well-bonded and believes in the principle of working together to navigate past issues. It is a supportive and healthy landscape that has been crafted by well-founded management who constantly motivate and provide direction for advisers.

Joyful and easy-going, Ben appreciates interacting with all types of clients, holding no preference for their social status or affluence. Physically active, Ben enjoys playing sports such as football and socialising with friends over the weekend. To clear his mind after a long day and keep healthy, he also actively goes for long runs and carries out outdoor workouts.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Ben adored travelling together with his fiancée at least once a year to see the world and escape the confines of work expectations and daily stress. Eagerly waiting for an opportunity to explore another country, he has begun looking at the next spot in his bucket list to visit.

Always content and selfless to a fault, Ben’s presence in Spire is unmatched and unequivocally commendable. Thank you for all your contributions and here’s to many more years together!


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