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Inside Out with Deputy Director, Josh Lim.

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

A veteran in financial advisory, Deputy Director Josh Lim (RNF no: LGY300094330) embodies a forthright persona coupled with unbridled care. Fearless, daring and hosting an aura exuding confidence, Josh’s extensive experience in the financial services industry spans seven years; two in finexis and five as a part of the Spire Group.

Josh’s initial step in the finance industry began after successfully graduating with a Bachelor’s in Economics from NUS. After signing into UOB as a banker and spending half a decade running its operations, Josh identified that his calling rested in helping people through their financial journey. Adventurous and ambitious to do more, he took the plunge into a career path that has left him thoroughly excited and constantly yearning to keep delivering his best.

Josh’s dreams were initially as far away as possible from looming financial institutions and piercing skyscrapers clustered together in the city centre. An unstoppable free-spirit, his initial ambition was to become a pilot and enjoy the serenity that expansive empty skies hold within. However, in a surprising twist of fate, Josh found his passion in finance and has since become a prominent member of the financial advisory industry.

Q. In your extensive career, have you faced any setbacks? How did you work past the challenge?

A. Personally, there is as much to learn through failures and setbacks as there is through success. At many points in my career, I have faced challenges that seemed insurmountable. To work past it, I like to think critically and rationally about the current situation and develop a potential solution. Following that, I will consult people whom I trust and develop a well-targeted answer to the issue at hand.

Q. What do you find to be the most challenging part of being a manager?

A. I find that recruiting the right people and learning to grow and work together with them to be the most challenging, yet, one of the most rewarding parts of my job. I believe that working together as a team is akin to building a cross junction; sometimes people have to sacrifice by slowing down and stopping while other times people have to speed up and keep moving forward. With mutual trust and a common set of goals, however, I believe it is always possible to ensure a healthy working environment.

Q. Who are your most important supporters and how much of an impact do they play in your life daily?

A. My family and team have been some of the most important contributors to my daily life. The many positive day to day interactions and small gestures have left an unbelievably motivating impact on my life that has kept pushing me forward. I will always be grateful for their support and trust in me to bring them further.

Q. What is your favourite movie/show? Why?

A. My favourite movie would be an early 2000s film called Apocalypto. It tells the tale of a hunter who is kidnapped to be used as a ritual sacrifice but escapes to try and find a way back to his wife. The movie highlights the amazingly infectious power of being strong-willed. That if you set a task to achieve, it is always going to be well within your grasp to reach it and succeed.

Focused and disciplined, Josh’s daily routine is that of an early rise and shine. In the morning, his tasks would be catching up on daily news and updating clients on any changes to be made to their wealth investment and management portfolio. A large portion of the afternoon will be spent meeting clients over lunch or tea to discuss and help achieve their financial goals. Before dinner and evening rest, a quick session at the gym to maintain health and physique.

As a manager and leader, Josh is known by all at Spire to be a firm and driven person with a personality tempered by genuine care and concern. His team members describe him as someone they can choose to trust and be vulnerable with whenever faced with a problem. A fitness enthusiast, Josh spends his free time working out and, on longer breaks, travelling and sightseeing with his family.

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