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Is your investment portfolio carrying more risks than necessary?

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“The rich invest in time, the poor invest in money.”

There is a huge misconception that investment is best left to banks. Truth is, we have access to the same products and services offered by the major banks. In fact, compared to banks, you will find our fee model far more transparent and fairer. Banks tend to charge heavy upfront fees which means less goes into your investment portfolio. The other key difference is, you will constantly hear from us on how your investments are doing and if modifications need to be made to your portfolio.

We offer three investment approaches:

  1. A pre-designed portfolio to be implemented and rebalanced on a timely basis
  2. A bespoke portfolio specifically constructed for you from a range of asset-types and managed dynamically
  3. For accredited investors, a full-range portfolio can be constructed from a wider range of asset-types, including Structured Instruments and Alternative Investments.


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