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Inside Out with Associate Director, Stephen Marriott.

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Bold, compassionate and direct are some words that the team at Spire Group use to describe Stephen Marriott (RNF no: MSA300167320), a man who lives his life constantly looking for the next best thing to do. An Associate Director and a key member in Spire, Stephen has been in the financial services industry for over a decade with expertise spanning multiple countries and continents.

Born in the countryside around the outskirts of London, Stephen grew up appreciating nature and its peace. He fondly looks back at his childhood evenings spent running around the flower meadows encompassing his grandmother’s cottage. These experiences eventually led him to pursue a life centred around satisfaction.

As a teenager, Stephen studied within strict parameters but found ways and means to achieve freedom and free-spiritedness. Always determined to do more, his path of discovery eventually led him to uncover the busy world of finance and the endless opportunities within it.

After progressing through college, Stephen joined the CFA society in the UK and took the initial plunge into the banking sector. His experience spans multiple impressive banks such as HSBC, BNP Paribas and Goldman Sachs. It was during this point in his impressive 15-year career that he discovered a passion rooted in interacting directly with clients. Whilst pursuing this passion, he proceeded to grow and progress to reach his current position as a cornerstone member of the Spire Group and Synergy. Here are some responses from Stephen on his accolades:

Q: So Stephen, how did you manage to find your way to Singapore from the UK of all places?

A: Well that is quite a long story. After I discovered my passion, I looked for client advisory roles all around the world and found one in Malaysia, so off I flew! I spent three years in Malaysia helping people learn more about investments before I left for Shanghai for another two years. Eventually, I was scouted to assist in the investment landscape of Singapore leading here.

Q: Knowing that you have been all around the world, what clients do you tend to interact with?

A: Currently, I am based in Japan as part of Synergy’s outreach overseas. I am assisting with the investment and wealth management arena on behalf of Synergy there. I guess you could say I tend to interact more with people from there.

Q: What keeps you motivated and drives you every day to give your best?

A: I am quite a results-oriented person so I like to see when my decisions yield tangible results. This coupled with my passion to communicate face to face with my clients and ensure they receive the best possible advice has consistently pushed me forward.

Q: What are three words you could use to describe Spire Group and why?

A: Experienced, Knowledgeable and Caring. In my time here, I have been blessed to interact with a diverse group of people that know their craft and are willing to assist at a moment's notice. The camaraderie coupled with the decades of combined experience has made the office have a positive environment.

Q: And finally Stephen, what is a setback you faced in your life and how did you adapt to overcome it?

A: This takes me to a while back when I first came to Singapore. Having never operated in Singapore before, I barely knew anybody and my client base was close to nothing. It took me a lot of late nights coupled with changing the way I reached out to start building rapport and trust. With enough grit and resilience however, nothing is impossible.

In his impressive 8 years with Spire, Stephen has been the face of excellence and a source of positive influence for countless people within and outside of the organisation. It is then no wonder that he has qualified for the 2022 Million Dollar Round table (MDRT)! Heartfelt congratulations to you for your timeless contributions!


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