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Inside Out with Client Advisor, Serene Seah.

A dynamic, focused and driven lady with a compassionate heart to impact the lives of others, Spire’s Group Associate Director, Serene Seah is a remarkable advisor who possesses the perfect blend of expertise, education, and interpersonal skills, which earned her many trusted friendships and quality referrals in her line of work.

Having lost her father in her teenage years, Serene learnt the hard value of having insurance protection the painful way. Since young, her parents did not believe much in insurance and were not well prepared for the uncertain future. Upon her father’s sudden demise, she and her mother were forced to find ways to make ends meet, even contemplating to sell their family home. Tiding through the tight years, Serene eventually made it to National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelors of Arts, and furthered her studies in the National Institute of Education (NIE) with a Post-graduate Diploma in Education. Serene always wanted to take the lead from her father to impact the lives of others and soon left the teaching scene to do financial advisory to contribute even more. She completed her Capital Markets and Financial Advisory Services examinations to become a licensed and regulated Financial Adviser in 2016 to share her story and give back to society.

Life of a financial advisor started off rough for Serene, especially when she was heavily pregnant and building her career. She juggled domestic responsibilities as a working mom and overcame her own insecurities in this uncertain territory with little or no experience. With a meagre income and countless rejections, she overcame these challenges with an even stronger and unwavering conviction coupled with a fierce belief in the work that she does and persevered on in this industry for about 8 years running. We celebrate her success in achieving these accolades: Million Dollar Round Table (2020, 2021, 2023), Top of Table (2022), Court of Table (2024).

With an undeniable charm and genuine care for her clients, Serene approaches every interaction with enthusiasm and professionalism. Her ability to connect on a personal level instantly puts clients at ease, making them feel comfortable sharing their concerns, goals and aspirations. She goes above and beyond to listen attentively to her clients, ensuring she fully understands their unique circumstances and tailors her advice to meet their specific needs. Outside of her professional endeavors, Serene is an avid storyteller who relishes in the power of captivating narratives. These skills seamlessly intertwine with her work as an adviser, enabling her to communicate complex financial concepts with clarity and simplicity, making her recommendations easily understandable for her clients. Her genuine passion for the well-being of her clients drives her to continuously go above and beyond, making her an invaluable asset and a trusted partner in their financial journey. With Serene by their side, clients can rest assured that they are in capable hands, receiving impeccable guidance and unwavering support as they work.


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