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Inside Out with Deputy Director, Dex Tan.

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

“In a world built around competitiveness, it is not the strongest or the smartest that survives but rather the one who can learn, adapt and overcome with resilience”. In the same vein, Spire Group’s Deputy Director, Dex Tan (RNF no: TTH300046711), has led a life based fundamentally on constant self-improvement. Despite the unpredictable schedules that come with being a financial advisor, Dex believes in a life led by structure and discipline. Consistently honing his craft and staying on top of the everchanging landscape in the finance industry, the colleagues at Spire describe him as the always reliable and laser-focused individual within the team.

In his impressive six-year career, Dex has been at the forefront facing a miasma of challenges. Starting from a small network of clients; he describes the initial process of conveying his sincerity to be an extremely daunting and surprisingly onerous experience. Yet, regardless of the harsh reality check when he initially joined the financial services industry, Dex persevered through mistakes, adapted around curveballs and learnt to excel with earnestness. In his own words, “this heartfelt passion to aid people plan for their future is what drove me forward in the past and continues to urge me on now”.

Q: What are some defining qualities or character traits that you believe advisors should have?

A: From a young age, I have been a firm believer in maintaining honesty and professionalism in my work. With hard work as the hammer and integrity as a chisel, I believe that it is possible to create anything with enough time and effort. An open mind with an interest in the discussion also helps show sincerity and helps convey your angle in a proper manner.

Q: Is there a specific client group you tend to interact with more than others?

A: Generally, I interact with working adults but I do not have specific preferences. As long as they are willing to trust me and create the partnership, I am always open to helping them strategize for a comfortable future.

Q: Could you describe your experience in Spire using only three words?

A: Exciting, motivating and bonded. I do not remember the last time I did not feel excited when I stepped into the office because of the dynamic and healthy working environment in Spire. There are always events that happen throughout the year which constantly keeps me engaged. Motivating because everyone is constantly challenging each other and themselves to become better. Bonded because I always have someone I can turn to for support or discourse. Spire has truly helped me improve not just as a financial advisor but also as a person holistically.

Q: Is there anyone who has been a source of inspiration to you?

A: Yes, our Senior Director Mr David Tang. Other than knowing David for over six years, he has also played an instrumental part in my journey as a financial advisor. Whenever times were tough and I needed assistance, he was always willing to lend a shoulder or a listening ear. I will always be grateful for the impartial and precise guidance he has provided me.

Q: If you could gain any superpower, what superpower would you like to get?

A: I am a huge Marvel fan. Watching Professor X, from the X-Men, navigate through the minds of people to find the precise answer that he needs is something I have always found to be fascinating. I think that with the power to read minds, a lot of issues can be identified easily and solved, as long as it is used appropriately and in the right context.

As a fitness enthusiast, Dex’s weekly routine includes frequent trips to the gym to work out and declutter his head. As a father and husband, he enjoys spending time with family and watching movies over the weekend. With this holistic view on life and his ceaseless determination to constantly improve himself, it is no wonder that he has been qualified for the 2022 Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) Award! Congratulations Dex and thank you for all your contributions!


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